Monday, 17 June 2013

I have one hundred dollar and I am going for the leisure trip to Birmingham due to the apropos ofroom rent. I am the doctor in Egypt  And I have to go the London for routine visit to get the latest update in medical field. I have to visit the different universities in London, Manchester and Birmingham with my colleagues. Our hospital allows us limited funds for our learning trip therefore, we steer towards the room rent whose information we got through our other friend who went there in earlier month for their educational tour.

We went Birmingham and got the registration in room rent. They provided us the luxury facilities which are available in hotels but they charge very high for that opulent facility. Room rent and room sharing are the some facilities provided by the room service that is sprawled in whole England. Room sharing is the option in which we can save our money which is the otherwise difficult. Room sharing provides a place like cloud nine for the people who are dejected from the monotonous life. It also respects the customers’ privacy and security and renders all fundamental facilities in no time. We all enjoyed the sumptuous trip to Birmingham and used our spare money in shopping which gave us many pleasures.

I advise everyone to go for the room rent because it is an easy and incremental way to get the comfort without any worries.